Staff at Back to School Sign OM 2014

Executive Staff

Jane Heaphy, Executive Director

Guy Reavis, Director of Programs

Andrew Chipok, Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Catherine Brandli, Director of External Affairs

Administrative Staff

Julia Gilliam, Deputy Director of External Affairs

Andrea Jordan, Director of Volunteer and Data Management

Tanya Kelly, Manager of Data Operations

Claire Campbell, Content Manager


Tánea Bakare, External Affairs Assistant

Enrichment Program Staff

Marion Pomeranc, Program Manager, Literary Programs

Core Program Staff


Marilyn Shimon, Director of Educational Services

Karen Alleyne, Program Manager

Yvette Tanya Marilyn Felicia Karen Luncheon 2014Bronx

Felicia Wilson-Ocasio, Director of Educational Services

Richard Lopez, Program Manager

Alexandra Palacio, Program Manager

Brooklyn, Staten Island & Manhattan

Andrea Roberts, Director of Educational Services & Family Literacy

Yvette Mendes, Program Manager, Brooklyn & Manhattan

Beth Wells, Program Manager, Manhattan