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“Learning Leaders helps our communities and schools benefit from parents who are knowledgeable, involved, and have collective ownership of the schools.”
Principal, New York City Public School.

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We need and value your donation to deliver proven programs to help public school children in New York City succeed academically and in life. Learning Leaders implements a successful formula for school-family-community collaboration that is duplicated nowhere else in the city.

Here are just a few examples of what your support can do:

$25: Provide a literacy tutor for one student for two months
$50: Deliver weekly one-to-one math tutoring by a trained volunteer for a semester
$100: Help five new immigrant parents learn strategies to support their child’s reading at home
$500: Assist 20 parents who need advice on navigating the middle and high school application process
$1,500: Provide literary exploration and development of critical thinking for eight 4th and 5th graders participating in a BookTalk reading group

Your gift has a significant impact—for every dollar donated to Learning Leaders, we provide $5 in programming and support for public school students. Make a tax-deductible gift online here. For more information, call 212-213-3370 ext. 364, or email

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