Learning Leaders and Families

Learning Leaders empower parents to support their children’s educational experience by increasing their knowledge, skills and confidence.  Our interactive family workshops inform parents about how the public school system works, ways to facilitate learning at home, and how to further their own personal and educational development.Flashcards Training PS 20 D 1 Beth

On any day during the school year, Learning Leaders may be conducting workshops in up to 20 different locations on diverse topics in English, Bengali, Chinese, Haitian-Creole and Spanish. Learning Leaders’ also provides publications that complement the workshop to participants in several languages.

We offer 25+ workshops covering critical areas for parent engagement:
•    Supporting literacy and math skills outside of the classroom
•    Middle school academics and developing essential study skills
•    Understanding child and adolescent development and fostering self-esteem
•    Navigating middle and high school admissions processes
•    Educational paths for parents to pursue high school credentials, higher education or career training