School Partners

Information on our Family Volunteer Program, Workshops, and More

How We Work With SchoolsJoan-and-Student-PS-261
Our professional staff maintains a close, working relationship with school principals, parent coordinators, teachers, and other members of the school community. Each year, Learning Leaders surveys our school partners to evaluate program impact. We collaborate with school staff to create a customized family and community member engagement plan. Our trainings, workshops and materials, available in multiple languages, are targeted to schools’ needs and interests.

Family Volunteer Program
Learning Leaders recruits, trains and supports family and community members to be effective volunteers in public schools. Committing at least two hours a week, volunteers bring a wide range of resources to schools, including:

  • Academic support: tutoring students with reading, writing, ESL and math; serving as mentors and coaches; helping students develop study and organizational skills.
  • Translation for other parents who do not speak English.
  • Supplement school staff at recess and lunch, as well as in school libraries.

We All Count Workshop PS 120 BrooklynFamily Workshops: Elementary and Middle School
Learning Leaders Family Workshops increase parents’ knowledge, skills, and confidence in supporting their children’s educational development. All of our 25+ workshops, grounded in adult learning principles, respect parents’ experience and knowledge, focus on content relevant to their concerns and needs, provide opportunities for interactive and collective learning, and offer information and strategies families can immediately use.

Learning Leaders Impact
Learning Leaders’ programs are guided by extensive research demonstrating that parental engagement is a consistent predictor for higher levels of student achievement, across all income and education levels.

What Parents and Schools Say
“The training and workshops [offered by Learning Leaders] have helped to transition parents to our school culture while assisting them in better under- standing their role as parents in the education process.”
Principal, Elementary School, Bronx

“I learned how to help my child with reading stories, how to make books and illustrate them and reading techniques. I have a lot of new ideas from the presenter on how to make the reading process more fun for my child. I always enjoy being in [Learning Leaders] workshops. I learn a lot and would want to be invited to all future workshops.”
Parent, Elementary School, Brooklyn