You Jung Ji PS 111

Music is the universal language for PS 111 volunteer & more in our latest e-news!

April 14, 2016

“I think volunteering as a Learning Leader is a kind of privilege as a parent,” says You Jung Ji. A talented piano player, You Jung has been volunteering at her son’s school, PS 111 in Manhattan, since October 2014. All day every Tuesday, she assists the music teacher, Courtney Berghahn, affectionately known as Ms. B.

You Jung says she was more comfortable volunteering in the music class, not only because of her love of the piano, but also because English is not her native language. “I came from South Korea here 12 years ago as an immigrant,” she says. Having left behind a career in journalism, You Jung devoted herself to parenthood. Now her son is nine years old, and she’s thrilled to be a Learning Leader. “It gave me the obligation to take care of the class and students,” says You Jung. “I could totally understand the teachers’ side for the first time. I found myself finally as an insider in the school.”

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